This is an ad for a TV company called TCL. They make quality TVs for affordable prices and I wanted to convey that message in a creative and funny way. I took inspiration creative print ads throughtout the years to come up with the idea. This ad is meant for the awareness step of the marketing funnel, targeting 27-45yr old parents with a sense of humor and a keen interest in saving money. The messaging I wanted to convey was that "you can save money without sacrificing quality with a TCL TV", which would lead to the goal of "viewers visiting their local electronics store to see for themselves". The visuals show what first appears to be at an aquarium, but then the second image reveals the setup for the first image, before the lights were turned off and the surprise is revealed to the child. The light version was a collage of Midjourney images. The dark look was achieved manually in Photoshop with a mix of old-school techniques and gen fill.

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