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"MOTHER." is a psychological thriller, horror, and science fiction short film where a couple's heartfelt journey to parenthood is depicted with poignant narration and evocative visuals. Their blissful moments of love and hope, symbolized by a marriage and the setup of a baby room, are soon overshadowed by the heartache of infertility, as indicated by repeated negative pregnancy tests and a stark, empty baby room. Desperation leads them to a secluded fertility clinic, surrounded by barbed wire, where they are lured into a deceptive miracle.

The wife undergoes an unconventional treatment, resulting in her giving birth to a mysterious egg, challenging her perceptions of motherhood. She stays at the clinic to recover. The clinic descends into chaos on a dark and stormy night as the wife wakes up and sees the damaged generator for the building on fire and someTHING leaving the scene. Only an intelligent being would understand the importance of the generator. Terror echoes through the hallways as other patients scramble to escape. The narrative culminates in the wife's solitary confrontation with the creature, appearing to be a human/reptile hybrid, intertwining themes of fear, anticipation, and the transformative call of motherhood in the face of the unknown.

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